What we offer


We license the HELT Cell™ IP

Our technology enables a variety of new products for applications whose needs cannot be met by the existing battery technology.

Thus, licencing for the HELT Cell™ is addressed to battery manufacturers, system integrators or product developers.

Since licencing is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we can provide tailor-made licensing contracts according to your needs.

Please contact us for further enquiries and schedule an appointment to assess the most suitable option.

We transfer knowledge and technology on materials and methods

INEM PC can be your micro & nanotechnology partner for developing innovative materials and enhanced processes for your customised Li-ion battery.

We can collaborate on transfering our knowledge and experience on materials and methods for the Li-ion technology on the cell level.

We can combine licencing and joined development under flexible contracts that suit the need of our customers.

We provide lab services and testing

We offer:

  • material and device fabrication and characterization
  • battery testing at various operating regimes.

INEM PC can act, also, as interface between your product development team and battery manufacturer.

Laboratory services and testing can be agreed on a separate basis or as a bundle with our knowledge and technology transfer service.

We elaborate techno-economic studies and consulting

We investigate the role of your battery design variables on the cost and performance and subsequently use this knowledge to optimize the battery on the technical and economic level.

We advise systems’ integrators on various aspects of their battery building components and provide consulting regarding the use of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) for their products.

Want more information? Send us an email at info@inem.gr